Favorites From Paola Nazati Photography in 2014

The past couple of years have been filled with unexpected changes and new beginnings. I’ve moved five times, I had the amazing opportunity to travel a great deal, and even photographed a destination wedding in Jamaica.

All of these adventures and experiences have led me not exactly where I had imagined I would be, but in the end exactly where I needed to be: close to my family. In October I decided to follow my heart to Washington, D.C.. Having lived in Asheville for eight years, needless to say, it was a hard decision. I miss the beautiful mountains and my close friends and colleagues so much. But I am very happy to be close to my family again!

It brings me much excitement to announce that my photography services are now based in Washington, D.C.. But as always, I am happy, willing and able to travel anywhere. It would be my pleasure.

As this new year begins, I’m eager to start fresh by blogging, showing past and current work. As well as demonstrate some of the things that inspire me, in hopes that my clients, family, and friends can get a better feel for what moves me.

I am so very grateful for all of my amazing clients, family and friends. Thank you again for all the love and support. Cheers to a very bright and successful 2015!

Since I haven’t blogged in a couple of years I will be starting all of my upcoming posts without regard for sequential order. Be sure to stay tuned! Without further ado, here are some of my favorite images that I created in 2014.